Who is Andrew Baxter

In this episode, Andrew talks more about the journey to get where he is today and starting Australian Investment Education.

Andrew Baxter grew up in a working-class household in the United Kingdom. From an early age, his parents encouraged him to “work hard at school and get a good job”. He graduated from one of Europe’s leading business schools with a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree.

With a keen interest in investing from an early age, his career took him to the hub of global investment markets, the City of London. It was here, that a keen interest became the foundation for his success and over the next seven years, working with some of the largest institutions, he built up a broad-based expertise in trading and investing across global markets.

In 1999, Andrew moved to Australia as an overall lifestyle change, where he continues to combine his passion for trading and empowering everyday people to master the skills and confidence to successfully tackle markets and avoid the pitfalls and scam which can capture so many.

In addition to training and education, Andrew Baxter is also the CEO and Founder of Australian Investment Education, one of the market’s foremost educators. He is known for his Cashflow on Demand Workshops that he presents all around Australia.

Andrew is on a mission is to empower 100,000 everyday Australians to enjoy a more prosperous financial future through learning how to better manage their investments. By building a range of simple to use Apps that support his education, Andrew Baxter has a vision of taking the complexities of financial markets and breaking them down into easy to understand, easy to follow strategies has become the reality for thousands already.

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